Saturday, June 6, 2015


Well I officially hit 60lbs lost!!! I have struggled with the scale the last few weeks everyone tells me the scale becomes your worst friend during this process well I agree. I don't understand when you are eating so little how you gain weight, but it happens whether it is muscle weight gain or still eating some not healthy things (because let's face it you are still you and you got heavy because you like food). I have decided through this process I am a sugaraholic " not alcoholic" but just as bad because to much of anything is not good for you!  As I type this morning eating my egg whites and turkey bacon I also find I like the good foods as well, but see they take time and energy to make and that is my problem I want fast and easy (convenient foods). So to help with my convenient foods need, I have created a mommy snack drawer with edamame snacks, almonds, low fat peanut butter (which is a new addiction) protein bars and 90 calorie snack bars this does help. My other thing I have found this week I love is sugar free jello with skim milk and sugar free cool whip (sweet treat low fat).

I know I have said this before but the struggle is real and this is not easy. I get mad at myself when I make poor choices but I am still human and this is the rest of my life!!! I still see myself 60lbs heavier when I look for clothes I don't realize what size I actually wear. Thanks to a couple great friends I have a new wardrobe to get me through to my next victories. Thanks for all your encouragement and reading my post! My journey is still evolving as I learn, grow and struggle!