Monday, March 16, 2015


 I am finding that the amount of food I put into my mouth is a struggle sometimes. Mentally I want to eat what I want and not worry about it. I still have to talk to myself in my head that is that really worth the putting on a pound for. I know I am going to battle with my head for the rest of my life but I didn't realize how much it would be at first.

As I sit here eating my frozen tilapia with 13 g. of protein and only 80 calories, I want to add french fries and some sort of veggie (now remember this is my head talking). I am finding out you can't change 40 years of bad eating habits in 5 weeks. People think weight loss surgery is an easy fix boy are they wrong, this is definitely just a help to get me started on my journey but I have to continually make the right decisions for my body.

I have not had a diet coke in 7 weeks and you know I thought I would miss it but honestly I really don't (victory number 1). Diet coke for me before surgery was my go to drink and I mean I drank it and nothing else 6-8 a day so to give it up totally and not want it is a victory. My other weakness before surgery is candy any kind of candy peanut butter and chocolate was my favorite but I would eat any.  So with Easter coming this will be a challenge for me but I can do it. I will  not eat a Easter basket full of chocolate.  The struggle with food is definitely a real struggle that so many people think you can just turn off that is so NOT THE CASE.  If you are a person who has never struggled with weight please do not judge others who do, because you do not understand. Just like I do not understand what it is like to be a drug addict or an alcoholic. We need to be understanding to those with addiction problems and not judge them or tell them how to FIX IT. I know eating less and exercise helps lose weight but before surgery I couldn't get it done. 

For my job I work in the public and because the facility is old it is not set up for Obese patients and  for a patient to not be able to fit through a door or fit in a chair (or have to ask for a different chair because they won't fit in one with arms) is as embarrassing for the person asking as it is for the person who has to help. Please when you see someone who doesn't fit the "normal" standard don't judge do not make rude comments have compassion and understanding that they may have gotten themselves in this situation but it wasn't because they wanted to get fat or become a drunk or a druggie, or for some they may be born with a handicap, but whatever the situation and whatever the reason they need compassion.  Now I don't think we need to encourage the behavior but we need to listen and if we can't help find someone who can, but sometimes we just need to talk. Sorry this post is rambling a bit, but I am coming to a better understanding of what an addiction is. I have an addiction to food that I need to change. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

4 week post op

Can you believe it has already been 4 weeks since I had my surgery, I can't it seems like just yesterday I went to my first weight loss seminar (that was a year ago in January).  

So far things have been going very well for me, I have not had any problems with eating or drinking (which is a blessing because some do struggle after the sleeve surgery). This past Friday I was running a bit late and rushing and thought I just over did it but my sugars and blood pressure were fine still didn't feel right Monday morning so went to see my surgeon. He thinks I might have just been over doing it  since I was back at work and possibly just going through withdrawal from my blood pressure medicine. I like to report that it is doing awesome, blood sugars seem to still be down. Fingers crossed I can stay off the medicines as my diet progresses. 

After the snow and cold weather we have had since my surgery I have not been able to exercise (cleaning house doesn't count or so I am told) tonight I went for my first walk it felt great to be outside (I can tell that I just had surgery) I made it for 15 minutes tonight I will take it (I am tired after my walk) hopefully I can get more in this week before it rains again. 

I am officially down a total of 40 lbs...!!!! YEAH (insert celebration here). 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back to Work!

I thought I would give you an update on my first week back! It is great being in a routine, but today I came home exhausted. So as it is 7:00'pm now and I have been in bed since about 3:30 i am feeling better after my nap, but I am thankful it is Friday tomorrow.  My first day back it is great to see everyone's reaction as to what 30lbs loss looks like! I love talking with the patients, but being at work at 5:30 is rough somedays.

My struggles this week (maybe to much TMI here for some sorry) first taking time to eat every2-3 hours, getting liquids in after I get home from work and CONSTIPATION! Oh my the constipation was awful, miserable thanks to Milk Of Magnesia I was finally able to go (thanks to the suggestion from a friend who has been here). Since I do not want to be in this place again I have now added benefit er to my daily water to help with this common issue after bariatric surgery.

And the best part of the week I am down 39lbs!!!