Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seeing results

ok so after my woe is me post from yesterday I have to brag a little bit. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow with the weight doctor and next Wednesday with my primary care doctor, I had blood work ordered so I decided I would kill two birds with one stone and had it done this morning so both doctors could review it.

I am so excited to report that the morning of surgery my a1c was 8.5 (this is your blood sugar over a period of time) I was on two diabetic medicines, today I would like to report my a1c is 5.3 normal not any where near diabetic levels. A pre-diabetic is 6.0 to give you a guide. I am off all my meds still, can't wait to see the doctor to go over my blood work. This is the main reason, I had this surgery to help with my diabetes!!!! A long way to go but I can do this!!! I had a rough day today but I am ending it on a great note!!!!

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