Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back to Work!

I thought I would give you an update on my first week back! It is great being in a routine, but today I came home exhausted. So as it is 7:00'pm now and I have been in bed since about 3:30 i am feeling better after my nap, but I am thankful it is Friday tomorrow.  My first day back it is great to see everyone's reaction as to what 30lbs loss looks like! I love talking with the patients, but being at work at 5:30 is rough somedays.

My struggles this week (maybe to much TMI here for some sorry) first taking time to eat every2-3 hours, getting liquids in after I get home from work and CONSTIPATION! Oh my the constipation was awful, miserable thanks to Milk Of Magnesia I was finally able to go (thanks to the suggestion from a friend who has been here). Since I do not want to be in this place again I have now added benefit er to my daily water to help with this common issue after bariatric surgery.

And the best part of the week I am down 39lbs!!!