Wednesday, March 11, 2015

4 week post op

Can you believe it has already been 4 weeks since I had my surgery, I can't it seems like just yesterday I went to my first weight loss seminar (that was a year ago in January).  

So far things have been going very well for me, I have not had any problems with eating or drinking (which is a blessing because some do struggle after the sleeve surgery). This past Friday I was running a bit late and rushing and thought I just over did it but my sugars and blood pressure were fine still didn't feel right Monday morning so went to see my surgeon. He thinks I might have just been over doing it  since I was back at work and possibly just going through withdrawal from my blood pressure medicine. I like to report that it is doing awesome, blood sugars seem to still be down. Fingers crossed I can stay off the medicines as my diet progresses. 

After the snow and cold weather we have had since my surgery I have not been able to exercise (cleaning house doesn't count or so I am told) tonight I went for my first walk it felt great to be outside (I can tell that I just had surgery) I made it for 15 minutes tonight I will take it (I am tired after my walk) hopefully I can get more in this week before it rains again. 

I am officially down a total of 40 lbs...!!!! YEAH (insert celebration here). 

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